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Explanation of the kys method of treatment

​A holistic clinique, located in ShireHampton Bristol, UK.
Specializes in solutions for:
-   Physical pains
and their emotional connections.
-   after Trauma.
-   Chronic pain.

-   Reaching deeper within ones self. 
The technique combines different approaches, for both our body and mind.

You can find here comprehensive and restorative treatments:
+   Massage, deep tissue
+   Bodywork (Body psychotherapy)

How emotions shape our bodies
know your self

About KYS


The wisdom of the body

Our body is absolutely amazing! We all have an inner wisdom that activates and allows the heart to beat, the functionality of our systems, the breath to flow and much more!  24/7. It also governs the cells in our body - constantly renewing; dying and regenerating. 


Any data (from experiences etc.) is stored in our mind, but also in the body cells. The cellular memories are not erased when the cell dies, they are transferred and recreated in the new cells through our DNA blueprints (along with plenty other information).

So, as you can assume, Early emotional memories are stored inside our body cells.  And in the case of trauma, such as battle shock, sexual assault, car accident or even after a loss - a disruption is created between the body and the brain, and patterns of the disease/malfunction are created.

We are mostly unaware or out of touch of what's really happening to and within the body, and the longer it lasts, it continues recreating these blockages and patterns  and operates that way. 

Unless, it learns new ways.

This method integrates between 'body memory' and 'brain memory' and creates a new freedom of movement.

Through personal encounters that helps uncovering the hidden emotions, unspoken words and old patterns (that you will see within you). 

Then... illuminate, navigate, contain what is there, and teach the construction of bridges between the detached parts. We will learn to get back in touch with our inner wisdom, that runs everything smoothly.

"Know thyself" and "I have a choice" are the cornerstones on which our consciousness rests.

body and mind memory


zoom therapy - zoe

Zoom Therapy

Currently using Zoom or Skype meetings .Due to the corona regulations I added a different communication channel. Contactless, invites you to contact us for a free introductory call

treatment room - touch therapy

Touch Therapy

What is mindfulness,

  how does it help with remote therapy?  
Mindfulness is about being connected in the present to feel yourself body and soul , to be aware of what is  around you.

Awareness of a person's inner experiences and the ability to communicate authentically with the environment, this is knowledge that can be learned.

Branches growing out of a fallen tree - bodt psychotherapy

Body Psychotherapy

Just as we remember the experiences of our lives in our head, so too does the body remember how it reacted to various events. Many times we are unaware of these connections, and the greater the disconnect, the more our body will fight to remind us that it has vital information (back, stomach, neck pain ... you understand :) that should be addressed
KYS is the process of getting to know the patient and his body. We will learn how the body tells the story that it is you. And what can be done to improve the situation. We will learn to listen to being, to the inner voice, to accuracy. And remind the body of what it was like before the pain.

Zoe Hill
zoe work experience
ZOE hill body psychotherapist

Zoe Hill

For the past 25 years, I've had plenty of experience in guiding adults and children in various life cycles;
My therapeutic approach is rooted in my personal experience, drawing from a rich and varied life experience.

I have studied numerous courses and methods. My main practice is Biosynthesis, which is a somatic and psychodynamic oriented psychotherapy, including aspects of pre- and perinatal psychology, body psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology

Through my life experience, as human and as a therapist conducting workshops and lectures, I've deepened my understanding of the mind-body connection. I have acquired & developed a wide set of tools, to help anyone willing to go through the process of healing and improving their quality of life.

Sometimes a comment or touch from an objective and experienced and empathic person, will give you an external perspective and acknowledgment you seek. 

The right connections can bring about an overall improvement in all aspects of life - physical, mental, emotional, social and wellbeing in general. 


What people say

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