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It's time to release the pain
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Satori Kys massage

Release, Relax, Unwind

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Zoe works with her arm on the back of a client who is lying on the treatment bed in the clinic
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Restore your body and mind
Are you tired of living in pain? Are you ready to regain your full range of motion? If so, SATORI KYS can help.
It is a touch therapy, reminiscent of something like a deep tissue massage. Specializing in helping people recover from trauma. Our treatments are thorough and deep, and they work to restore flexibility to the body and dissolve blockages.
We understand that pain can be debilitating, and we are here to help you get back to living your life. Our treatments are designed to be effective and deep, so it may be painful, but breathing into the body with guidance will train you, and we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.
In just a few treatments, you will start to feel the difference. You'll have more energy, be able to move more easily and feel better in general.
If you are ready to start living healthier,  contact us today. We will help you get back on your feet and start living the life you deserve.
Call us today to schedule a consultation!!


SATORI KYS is an approach or technique that focuses on treating the source of the pain and not just relieving the symptoms. As part of Stori Kys, the main goal is to identify and treat the body's disruptions and compensations, which increase chronic pain and affect the normal functioning of the body and mind.

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prices from £60 to £100

The group will include 10 participants, in a weekly meeting
Every week there will be a main topic that we will focus on, and examine its effects on our lives.
The sessions will be in the spirit of physical psychotherapy and will include light movement, and mindfulness. and familiarity with body language.

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Progressive treatments (PTSD)


Body psychotherapy

Satori KYS is one such body-based therapy. this is an approach that helps people to reconnect with their bodies and release the trauma that is held there. Ower treatment is based on the idea that trauma is stored in the body. traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that can develop after a person has experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. Read  More

prices from £60 to £100

About Me

Are you looking for a massage therapist who not only has extensive training and experience but also a deep understanding of the mind-body connection? Look no further than Zoe, who has developed a unique approach to healing known as the Satori Kys technique.

With over 20 years of dedicated practice, Zoe has successfully treated numerous patients in both Israel and the UK. Her expertise lies in combining various massage practices with Eastern medicine and body psychotherapy, allowing her to address not only physical ailments but also emotional trauma.

What sets Zoe apart is not just her knowledge and skill, but also her warm and friendly nature. She genuinely cares about her patients and goes above and beyond to create a healing environment for them. Whether you're dealing with chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or simply seeking relaxation, Zoe's attentive and professional approach ensures that you receive the personalized care you deserve.

But what truly makes Zoe exceptional is her unique perspective, gained from her personal childhood trauma. This adds an extra layer of understanding to her treatments, enabling her to empathize and connect with her patients on a deeper level.

Experience the healing power of the Satori Kys technique and let Zoe guide you on your path to wellness. Book your appointment today and discover how her unique approach can transform your physical and emotional well-being.

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SATORI KYS - Know YourSelf

Shirehampton, Bristol, UK.Tel: +447592128684

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