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introduces you to a unique, comprehensive and restorative treatment technique
"Know Yourself".
The way to get to know the body again, to connect body spirit and soul.  
We learn a little about the way our body works, and we learn less about the personal database, about the second brain we have - the stomach. We are familiar with the concept of "healthy mind in healthy body", in encounters with the technique I bring we will learn about the connections between body and brain that can change our lives for the better.


Early emotional memories are stored inside our body cells, which can create patterns of blockages and diseases in the cell.
The body cells are constantly renewed, but the cellular memories are not erased with the cells that die, but are transferred to the new cells. So the blockages and patterns of the disease continue and are stored in the body. In the case of trauma such as battle shock, sexual assault, car accident, a disconnect is created between the body and the brain, and things happen in it that we are not aware of, in personal encounters they can be learned and the process changed.
Trauma can be caused even after a loss, and the longer it lasts we may find ourselves depressed without being able to access our body of forces in the body. Due to disconnection or lack of familiarity with him.

We all have an inner wisdom that activates and allows the heart to beat, the cells to regenerate and the breath to flow, even in our sleep. This wisdom can be reached, learning the way to it by accessing the emotional memories stored in our cells.

My therapy combines an encounter between body memory and brain memory and creates a new freedom of movement ... The encounter with me helps to reveal hidden emotions, unspoken words and old patterns that my clients will see within them,
Then ... illuminate, navigate, contain what is there and teach the construction of bridges between the detached parts.

"Know thyself" and "I have a choice" are the cornerstones on which our consciousness rests.


Zoe Hill

 I have more than 20 years experience in guiding adults and children in various life cycles:
My therapeutic approach is rooted in my personal experience, drawing from a rich and varied life experience. The training and development undertaken for a body psychotherapist includes learning about people, seeing and feeling their sensations and needs, helping and navigating together for a new way and improved quality of life.

The body provides the site of a holistic healing experience which can bring about an overall improvement in all aspects of life - physical, cognitive and emotional. Sometimes a comment or touch from an objective and experienced person will give you an external perspective and enlightenment. 

Through my life experience, and experience as a therapist conducting workshops and lectures, I deepened my understanding of the mind-body connection. I have developed tools to help anyone willing to go through the process of healing and improving their quality of life by incorporating unique knowledge from the field of physical psychotherapy and massage.




Zoom Therapy

Currently using Zoom or Skype meetings .Due to the corona regulations I added a different communication channel. Contactless, invites you to contact us for a free introductory call


Touch Therapy

What is mindfulness,

  how does it   help with remote therapy?
Mindfulness is about being connected in the present to feel yourself body and soul , to be aware of what is  around you.

Awareness of a person's inner experiences and the ability to communicate authentically with the environment, this is knowledge that can be learned.



Just as we remember the experiences of our lives in our head, so too does the body remember how it reacted to various events. Many times we are unaware of these connections, and the greater the disconnect, the more our body will fight to remind us that it has vital information (back, stomach, neck pain ... you understand :) that should be addressed
KYS is the process of getting to know the patient and his body. We will learn how the body tells the story that it is you. And what can be done to improve the situation. We will learn to listen to being, to the inner voice, to accuracy. And remind the body of what it was like before the pain.




"Zoe Hillel is a very good therapist, she is very professional and the atmosphere is great. I recommend her treatments very much."

Iris Peled

"I was treated by Zoe in her previous clinique. She made a great contribution to my health. The unique technique she applies which combines traditional with original methods she mastered have out put me on a great physical and emotional track that targeted a process of healing and reconnection to the body which continues ,even now .... I highly recommend"

Rinat Yeffet

"Zoe is a magician in terms of body, mind & soul therapy. Her intuition, knowledge and practice is no where to be seen. She has a unique attitude to the body as a mirror to the mind & soul and vice versa. She "sees" the repressed emotions your body has collected over the years just by looking at you walk, and helps you release them in a deep body and mind therapy session. I recommend her with all my heart."

Omer Ben


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 Zoe Hill


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