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Body psychotherapist 

"In the realm of healing and transformation, often the most profound stories stem from personal journeys of overcoming adversity. I am Hilary, a body psychotherapist with a holistic perspective that encompasses the power of healing touch. Through my work, I aim to guide those who have endured trauma, which has manifested and lingered within their very beings.

My story is one of navigating through the depths of despair and emerging into the light of self-discovery. I have experienced firsthand the harrowing reality of living through hell on earth, marked by a tumultuous childhood overshadowed by violence, aggression, and abandonment. This upbringing led to a profound sense of compartmentalization and detachment from those closest to me, shaping my worldview in ways I never imagined.

I have found that my unique ability to perceive the body as a conduit for healing aids in bridging the gap between the mind and body. This understanding has allowed me to facilitate the development of a deep connection between a person's physical and mental states, addressing the disconnection that so often plagues individuals who have experienced trauma.

I have witnessed a society that often turns a blind eye to the silent cries of children who suffer at the hands of their own kin. Privacy is revered, but at the cost of shielding abusers and perpetuating cycles of harm. It is a world that professes protection yet fosters dependence on systems that can be as debilitating as the afflictions they aim to alleviate.

It is within this crucible of personal trials and societal failings that I found my calling as a therapist. My mission is to shepherd others through the labyrinth of their pain, guiding them towards a place of profound healing and self-discovery. Through my work, I seek to empower individuals to not only overcome their past traumas but also to embrace their newfound strength and resilience.

Together, we will unravel the knots of pain and suffering, transforming them into threads of wisdom and growth. We will strive to break free from the shackles of the past and forge a path towards a future defined by liberation, inner peace, and the unwavering belief in the boundless potential that lies within each and every one of us.

Join me on this transformative journey of reclaiming our inner truths, of transcending the limitations imposed upon us, and of embracing a world where healing is not just a possibility but a birthright. Together, we will rewrite our stories, reclaim our voices, and pave the way towards a brighter, more empowered tomorrow."

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Personal Story

I entered this world in the vibrant sixties era, in the heart of Israel. However, my journey commenced with the dissolution of my parents' marriage shortly after my arrival. For many years, my mother was absent from my life, leaving me to navigate the complexities of childhood in the care of my father and his new family. A pervasive sense of not belonging and enduring discrimination became my daily companions. Each day was marked by routine violence—both verbal and physical—that shaped my perception of the world.

As I approached the age of twelve, a new layer of darkness enveloped my existence with the onset of a challenging situation. The profound silence surrounding my experiences erected an impenetrable barrier, reinforcing the belief that my narrative held no significance. I internalized the disregard for myself and my body, attempting to dismiss the pain, anger, and emotions that sought acknowledgment. At the age of 28, overwhelmed by the weight of my experiences, I found myself on the precipice of life, attempting to give up not once, but twice.

Yet, this marked the beginning of a profound transformation. A realization surfaced—tasks were awaiting me, though unknown and initially inconceivable. Despite the isolation, I discovered that I had a choice. Though predominantly solitary, the journey was not devoid of helping hands along the way. The people who grappled with the woman I had become, encapsulated in anger, hurt, and sadness, also imparted valuable lessons on giving and acceptance.

Several decades later, divorced and a mother, I equipped myself with professional tools to facilitate personal growth. I learned that the power to choose is more than a mere phrase; it is a beacon guiding one out of apparent dead ends. Despite the challenges, the support of individuals I encountered became instrumental in reshaping my life. My daughter, therapists, and a five-year training in psychotherapy offered lessons in unconditional love, devotion, and empathy.

The universe's greatest gift bestowed upon me was the ability to love—a profound shift in perspective. Treating others as I wished to be treated altered the frequencies and energies of my world. Recognizing that anger consumed me as energy, I embraced the necessity of moving forward despite its weight. Learning to coexist with this emotion, I transitioned into a life centered on Bristol, England, relearning, evolving, and continuing my journey of growth.

In this city of new beginnings, I have transformed my frequency, embracing the enduring journey from pain to purpose. The resilience cultivated over the years has become a beacon of hope, illustrating that even the darkest chapters can be rewritten, and a life of love, empathy, and growth awaits those willing to embark on the transformative journey within.


If you are suffering from trauma, reach out, and I will help you develop that mind-body connection


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