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"Zoe is an incredible healer and masseur, she is very passionate and knowledgable on massage technique, specifically on the lymphatic system and delivers a very unique and active massage. Zoe has incredibly strong pressure so not for those who like a light touch massage! she knew exactly where to work my body after a lot of heavy exercise and I felt amazing afterwards! Thank you Zoe"

"Best deep tissue massage I’ve ever had! Would definitely recommend to anyone who does a lot of sports as it is perfect for an athlete with really tight muscles."

Poppy C.

"Zoe gave the best massage I’ve had in years. She was relaxed, thoughtful, caring & intuitive in her approach. Her passion, love & respect for listening to the body and attuning to the needs of her clients, shone through in her treatment. She showed a deep wisdom and understanding of the physical body and the tension and stress it can hold. Her holistic approach honored the mind-body connection. I left her treatment floating on air, feeling completely re-energized. I highly recommend her."


"Zoe is a magician in terms of body, mind & soul therapy. Her intuition, knowledge and practice is no where to be seen. She has a unique attitude to the body as a mirror to the mind & soul and vice versa. She "sees" the repressed emotions your body has collected over the years just by looking at you walk, and helps you release them in a deep body and mind therapy session. I recommend her with all my heart."

Omer B.

"Zoe is a wonderful therapist who finds the right spots and heals physically and mentally. So different for the better from any physical therapy I have done before. After treatment it is possible to actually feel layers of tension left behind. Highly recommend!"

Zoya P.

"Zoe has healing hands! She made me feel incredibly safe, comfortable and relaxed. Her level of experience in this lane of body psychotherapy was evident from the beginning and I can’t thank her enough for the experience. My mind and body felt instantly lighter. I’m looking forward to seeing my progress throughout future sessions."

Emma H.

"Zoe is so lovely, warm and caring! I would really recommend this amazing treatment and experience. It is much more than a massage, felt like therapy for the body and soul!"


"Zoe is incredibly talented. She gives a thoroughly deep healing experience which helps me so much physically, mentally and spiritually by unleashing stored emotions. She intuitively senses the areas that need work and undoes the tension held in my body from life's emotional stresses. Zoe is helping me reset unhelpful thought patterns through my body and mind and I have learnt so much about myself from her. She's opened my eyes to new ways of approaching life and I'm so happy I've found her."


"One of the best deep tissue massages I have ever had. Zoe is by far one of the most experienced therapists I have been to in Bristol and I get a lot of body work done. She was so knowledgeable and intuitive working with my body and found pockets of tension I didn’t even know I had! She had amazing pressure and was able to work very deeply into all my aches and pains. Highly recommend - Zoe really knows her stuff and I walked away learning more about my own body. Can’t wait for my next massage!"


"Really amazing experience! I play rugby and go to the gym a fair bit so am constantly having aches and pains to fix and this is probably the best sports massage I’ve ever had! Will be booking back in ASAP and would definitely recommend :)"


"I was treated by Zoe in her previous clinique. She made a great contribution to my health. The unique technique she applies which combines traditional with original methods she mastered have out put me on a great physical and emotional track that targeted a process of healing and reconnection to the body which continues, even now .... I highly recommend."

Rinat Y.

"Zoe has the most healing hands I have experienced. She knows the human body so well that enables her to do the right thing for the specific issue. She has also had a deep understanding in the relations between the body and soul. Highly recommended."

David G.

"A wonderful massage - she clearly has a wealth of experience!"


"I came in after many years of treatments in with many physicians, but nothing prepared me to the level of care, professionalism and insight Zoe brought to the session, the kind that only vast experience brings. I came out feeling a tremendous relief (I was having a few issue with recurring pain) and my motion was much improved. I am very thankful I was able to find her and looking forward to continuing to improve my well being through her care."

Ben Amit

"I’ve been seeing Zoe for a few weeks now and she’s been great. Super attentive, intuitive and knowledgeable, she’s helped to ease any physical and emotional stress and I always leave feeling like a weight has been lifted. Thank you Zoe!"


"Incredible! I have had many sports massages in Bristol and I have never felt so healed and relaxed after my massage with Zoe. Her knowledge of the body is amazing she found and relived all my pressure points. Thank you and I will be back!"


"Zoe was amazing! Her massage is so intuitive - it was unlike any other massage I’ve had before. She has so much passion and curiosity for her work with bodies and people. The massage not only had physical benefits but also emotional and psychological. I slept so well and the next day I felt so happy and light. Definitely recommend. Thank you Zoe!"


"Zoe is a very good therapist, she is very professional and the atmosphere is great. I recommend her treatments very much."

Iris P.

"Zoe is so warm and intuitive, I was blown away by the physical treatment and the emotional understanding she had. It was more of an experience than just a massage and I can’t wait to continue seeing Zoe! Recommending her to anyone I speak to, even if I don’t know them 😁"


"it was just what i needed to stop me from feeling all crooked ! it was a deep massage and i felt rushes of energy going back to my muscles from her amazing healing work ! :) highly recommend"


"Thank you Zoe! Zoe is a very unique therapist - her method literally bypassed my brain and saved me. After trying all kinds of methods that failed because each and every time my mind 'interfered' in the process and tricked me into failure, I went to Zoe to get treated in KYS method for a few months. Her method not only stopped me from 'escaping' facing my difficulties again, but also opened a whole new perspective for life for me, helping me to overcome personal obstacles."

Nitzan P.

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