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Survivors of sexual abuse face unique challenges

Updated: May 20

As a trauma-focused therapist, I mainly treat physical problems. In addition to the organic and complex nature of their experiences, I have first-hand experience with the dire and long-term consequences it has on their lives. Victims of sexual assault can have long-term emotional scars that follow them throughout their lives. Different stages of development lead to different types of injury, depending on the age of the event(s).

Childhood (0-12 years): At this age, an assault has the power to completely destroy a child's sense of security and safety in the world. It can be challenging for victims to communicate their intense feelings of guilt, remorse and doubt.

Adolescence (ages 13 to 18): During this period, victims of sexual abuse may experience more serious consequences as they struggle with identity formation and adulthood. Trauma can intensify feelings of low self-worth and self-doubt, which can lead to risky behavior and erratic emotions.

Survivors of sexual abuse face unique challenges as they adjust to the complexities of life because the consequences of the abuse often last into adulthood. As part of my work, I help adult survivors struggling with a variety of mental and emotional illnesses, including anxiety disorders, prolonged depression and PTSD, we investigate the sources of their trauma and through physical work we release what is no longer needed.

As part of my work as a therapist, I have witnessed the resilience and resilience of survivors who have embarked on their path to healing. With the right support and therapeutic methods, people can recover from the shadow of trauma and learn to integrate their experiences into who they are. By drawing attention to the ongoing consequences of sexual assault, the understanding of body memory is under-recognized as a tool to heal, and in my experience this is especially powerful as they struggle for the resources and tools needed to recover.

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