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Body touch-based therapy for tuning the body

Updated: Jun 12

Body touch-based therapy for tuning the body. that needs to be directed. The world around us is a different world than what we were taught to see, and our body contains many tools that we don't learn to use. These tools can help us understand ourselves, the world, and our place in it.

we taught our body to connect with the subtle energies that surround us. Being Mindful and alert to the environment and ourselves. These energies are often not visible to the naked eye, but they are essential to our well-being. When we learn to connect with these energies, we can improve our health, our relationships, and our spiritual growth.

We believe that the body is a powerful tool for communication. When we use our bodies to move, dance, or simply be still, we can share our thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the world.

The human body is a complex system of energy fields and matter. These fields are in constant interaction with each other and with the energy fields of the world around us. When we are stressed or anxious, our energy fields become blocked and distorted. This can lead to physical and emotional problems.

We use movement and touch to help clear and direct the energy fields. It can help improve our health, our mood, and our general well-being.

The human body is also a powerful tool for creativity. When we move our bodies freely and expressively, we can tap into our creative potential. It can lead to innovative ideas, new ways of seeing the world, and new forms of art and expression.

We use touch, movement, and meditation to help people connect to their natural channels. Like a radio transmitter, we believe that the body is a natural channel for communication. When we allow our bodies to move freely, we can tap into our inner wisdom and imagination.

The human body is also a powerful transmitter of chemistry. When we touch someone, we share our energy with them. and make a change in their chemical system. It is a powerful way to connect with another person on a deep level.

When we allow ourselves to feel comfortable in our own skin, we express our love for ourselves and the world.

We practice that helps us see the world through new eyes. It teaches us that our bodies are not only physical objects but also powerful transmitters of energy, creativity, and communication.

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